The latest Jurassic World sneak peek might be the best and wackiest one yet — we’re definitely getting a sense that the sequel is going to crank things up to 11 on the ridiculous meter, and while it remains to be seen if that’s a good thing or a bad thing (I’m optimistic), we can probably all agree that an image of Indominus Rex running from an explosion puts anything Michael Bay’s ever done to shame.


Also pretty awesome in this new Jurassic World spot: the final shot, which features a raptor crashing in through the driver’s side window while Bryce Dallas Howard is speeding away. Jurassic World looks more and more like an action comedy with each new preview. Question: how do they contain those flying Pterosaurs?

If you enjoyed the spot above, but would like to know more about how things work at this outlandish, terrible idea of a theme park, there’s also a new viral video which focuses on the evolution of InGen and John Hammond’s vision — thanks to the constant advances in technology, the scientists at Hammond Labs are able to do some nutty things, like decode a genome from any extinct creature in under an hour. Bonus: the video prominently features our old pal B.D. Wong — you would think of all people who survived Jurassic Park, he would know better than anyone to keep tinkering with dino DNA.

If the Hammond Labs scientists can bring back previously extinct creatures, like dinosaurs, wouldn’t it stand to reason that they could help save endangered species? Hopefully this is a question they’ll explore in the film.

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12.

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