'Justice League' is heating up in a big way at Warner Bros. Rumors have it that the studio wants the film in theaters in 2015 (where it would compete with 'The Avengers 2') and that the movie will reboot Batman before the new 'Dark Knight' trilogy begins. But who will direct 'Justice League?' Ben Affleck formally turned down the offer and the Wachowskis are rumored but today we may have two new candidates. And they make not make you very happy.

Keep in mind that these are very much rumored names at this point but also names that don't surprise me at all. Superman Supersite claims that Brett Ratner is on the director's shortlist for the job while Think McFly Think confirms Ratner is a candidate and adds another name: McG.

Both Ratner and McG were candidates for the old Superman job before that project was canceled and eventually Bryan Singer was hired for 'Superman Returns.' (Reportedly the only thing that kept McG from signing the contract was his fear of flying that kept him from traveling to the Australian set.)

Each went on to direct their own big franchise films - Ratner on 'X-Men: The Last Stand' and McG on 'Terminator: Salvation.' Both were critical and commercial disappointments.

If the rumors are true and both Ratner and McG are candidates for the 'Justice League' job, it's an unfortunate sign that there hasn't been much progress in the DC movie universe. These are still the same names you were batting around in 2004 and here we are, almost 10 years later, and we're still talking about the same journeyman directors we were back then?

'The Avengers' found success because it thought outside the box and brought in a writer/director in Joss Whedon to be the mastermind for their new universe. Warner Bros. should do likewise and stop rehashing the same names. Ben Affleck was an inspired choice, as are the Wachowskis but they'd do well to leave Ratner and McG behind.

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