Remember that Comic-Con trailer for Justice League? The one that ended with ripples in a glass of scotch and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) looking at someone off-screen and saying “He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late.”? That was a cool tease for the film. It was a reasonable assumption to guess Alfred was speaking to Superman (Henry Cavill); he died in Batman v Superman, but you had to figure he’d be back at some point in Justice League. But maybe it was someone else! Maybe there was a surprise seventh hero in the film! That would have been really cool.

Reader, it wasn’t cool. And we never even found out who the mystery hero was that Alfred was talking to because when Justice League finally hit theaters, the scene was nowhere to be found. Like a lot of stuff in the Justice League trailers, the entire sequence had been cut from the finished film. Now that Justice League is out on Digital HD (and coming to Blu-ray on March 13) we are finally getting an answer in the form of the deleted scene. Finally, we get to see who Alfred was talking to aaaaaaaaaaand it was just Superman all along.

I mean, that was always the most obvious answer. It’s kind of a bummer it wasn’t, like, Green Lantern, but it really didn’t matter anyway because they cut the scene from the movie. Oh well.

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