Man, I hope someone at Warner Bros. is diligently saving the countless emails being sent about Justice League right now, because this is going to make one heck of a documentary. In the past two days alone, we’ve heard Joe Morton describe the studio as altering the entire story of one of the film’s core characters and Ben Affleck admit that Justice League’s dual directors make it unlike anything in Hollywood history. And now, at least one rumor is making the rounds that suggests that Justice League’s reshoots were a lot more necessary than the studio would have you believe.

While a certain amount of reshoots are necessary on any major motion picture, rumor has it that Justice League’s reshoots were an attempt to salvage a film that had gone off the rails. This is according to a source at Batman-On-Film (via ThePlaylist), which let this interesting little tidbit drop in a recent article:

These reshoots  —  which are still taking place  —  are not standard pick-ups/additional photography. Why? Apparently, an early cut of the film was deemed “unwatchable.” Thus, substantial changes to the film were ordered.

Only the executives at Warner Bros. know for sure how things have shaken out with Justice League, but it’s getting increasingly hard to believe that the Justice League reshoots were simply business as usual for the studio. Justice League has undergone some pretty substantial changes, changes above-and-beyond what we normally thing of with Hollywood reshoots, and that’s going to make for an absolutely fascinating final product when the movie finally hits theaters this fall. And honestly, good or bad, there’s something genuinely exciting about watching a movie that represents something entirely new in Hollywood. What makes Mad Max: Fury Road extra special is how close the whole thing to falling apart. Even if Justice League doesn’t hang together, it’s still a blast to watch it unfold.

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