Though Justin Lin has been attached for a while, it appears that his adaptation of 'Lone Wolf and Cub' is moving forward, and David and Janet Peoples are set up to write it for Kamala Films. Lin is currently working on his sequel to 'Fast Five,' so this has some time before it could possibly hit the big screen.

Two things: One is that the premise (from the Japanese Manga) is that of an elite executioner who is betrayed by his master and goes on the run with his infant child. It's a great set up; one wonders how much the American version can get into the bloodshed that made the Japanese movies and comics so memorable. At the time it was awesome (and awesomely transgressive) to see a warrior with a sword in one hand and a baby strapped to his chest. Now with CGI blood, it doesn't feel as dangerous.

That said - as Deadline Hollywood reported - the film is being written by the Peoples. David Webb Peoples wrote the final draft on 'Blade Runner,' and also wrote 'Unforgiven' and 'Twelve Monkeys' (the latter with his wife Janet). That said, he also wrote films like 'Ladyhawke' and 'Levithan,' though many of his worst projects (like 'Soldier') bear the fingerprints of meddlers.