Bruce Jenner gives his wife, Kris, a little run for her money in the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.' Just a couple of weeks ago, Kris had a run-in with her ex-boyfriend, which left Bruce not too pleased by her casual correspondence with the man who once stole her heart. Kris' jealous side came out after Bruce comes home from golfing to inform his wife that he bumped into the beautiful Angie Everhart on the greens and exchanged information to golf together some time. Bruce let's no time slip away, and he reaches out to the former model to play their favorite sport.

At first, Kris doesn't think much of the two spending one-on-one time together, until her husband's interest seems to be a little obsessive, even calling her "Ang" at one point and showing concern of what he should wear for his golf game.

Kris decides to do a little private investigating with her daughter, Kim Kardashian. The two get dressed head to toe in black and bust out the binoculars, following Bruce and Angie from hole to hole to see exactly what is going on between them. Kris' feathers get ruffled after witnessing a friendly hug between her husband and Angie between holes. Kris decides to get her revenge by contacting her former flame for a lunch date, seeing that it's just as bad as Bruce getting his play time in with Angie.

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian begins the search for his own house. When the 25-year-old falls in love with one house in particular, he is quickly crushed when his business manager steers him the other direction, explaining it's too much money for him to be spending at this time in his life and career. In order to save some money, Rob asks Khloe and Lamar Odom if he can once again stay with them for a few months to save some dough ... leaving out the reason why he needs to stay with them rent-free.

After tension runs a bit high in the Odom household, Rob explains to his sister the reasons why he needed to crash at her home that he lived in before his run on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Khloe respects Rob's decision to come clean and goes the extra mile to help him prepare for his future by having him pay her rent that she will put in a special account for her younger brother that he will get back when he is ready to put money down on his dream home.

The episode is left hanging on the future of Bruce and Kris when she questions just exactly where she sees her life going down the road. Part two of the episode will air next weekend. Stay tuned to ScreenCrush for your blow by blow recap of all the events as they unfold in the Kardashian household.