The words “Kate Winslet period drama” work like magic, and if you’re a fan of the actress’ period film work, then you’re going to be excited about this news. Winslet has signed on to portray Lee Miller, Vogue’s iconic correspondent and photographer during World War II, who covered seminal events like the liberation of the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau.

THR reports that Winslet has signed on to portray Miller in the currently untitled project, based on the book The Lives of Lee Miller, written by her son, Antony Penrose. Miller began her career as a model before becoming romantically entangled with famed artist Man Ray before beginning her own creative life as a photographer. She went on to become Vogue magazine’s war photographer and correspondent, reporting on such famous events as the London Blitz and the liberation of Paris. During this time, she teamed up with LIFE correspondent David A. Scherman, who took a famous photograph of Miller sitting in Hitler’s bathtub.

Miller was also actively involved in the surrealist movement and frequently hung around with Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau and Paul Eluard. She also appeared in Cocteau’s avant garde film The Blood of a Poet, in which she portrayed a statue that comes to life.

The producers of the upcoming untiled film have been granted access to Miller’s archives, which are curated by Penrose and include her photographs and diary entries. Winslet recently starred in another period drama, playing Apple marketing exec Joanna Hoffman in Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, which hits theaters this weekend. She can be seen next in the crime drama Triple 9.