This morning, during the umpteenth hour of 'Today' on NBC, co-host Kathie Lee Gifford dropped an adorable puppy right on its head. Maybe we ease up on those giant goblets of morning wine?

During a segment set up to promote the adoption of pets through a new app and a few of the dogs looking for a home were in the studio. Meet Pebbles, an American mutt that Kathie Lee describes as looking like Hoda because they both are brown. The photographer hands of Pebbles to Kathie Lee for a photo opp and after noting, "Puppy needs a bath..." Kathie Lee drops Pebbles on his puppy head.

"Puppy took a nose dive," says Kathie Lee.

To be fair to Mrs. Gifford, Pebbles jumped out of her arms as much as she dropped him (can you blame him) and he seemed OK, if not a little dazed, after his fall. But still. If Child Protective Services saw an adult drop a baby after drinking a glass of wine at 10am, said adult would probably be in some hot water, regardless of the baby's condition.

You can watch the video below and pay extra attention to Hoda's horrified face as it happens.

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