Keanu director Peter Atencio is, apparently, a little sick of all the kitten cuteness.

But he didn’t stop there. Atencio went on to bash the studio for promoting a “hard R action comedy” all around the movie’s titular kitten, vowing that he won’t let the same mistake happen about for the upcoming home video release. The director has since deleted these tweets, but not before the internet had a chance to take a screenshot:


The director also revealed just how bad the studio’s vision for his film was. Get this, instead of Keanu, Warner Bros. apparently almost titled the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele movie The Notorious C.A.T. Nooooo!

Atencio went on in his Twitter mentions to give a little more insight to how studio movie marketing works. The filmmaker voiced annoyance at the “fascinating and terrifying“ lingo studios use when using cliche techniques in movie trailers. But Atencio’s of the belief that his movie deserved more nuance when it came to marketing, which would’ve likely looked a lot different than just a bunch of cute kitten imagery.

In case you forgot how kitten-centric the promo for the movie was, let me refresh your memory. There was an all-cat spoof of the trailer. There were Oscar nominated movie posters replacing the actors with Keanu. And there was that Keanu-themed movie calendarLots of cats. Maybe Atencio is more of a dog person.