In the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Kim Kardashian heads to London to launch her new perfume line, taking along brother Rob and Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott Disick. Before making the long journey to the UK, Kim also extends the invite to her best friend Jonathan, who is under the impression the twosome would get plenty of hang time to sight-see and be tourists.

Jonathan is in for a big shock upon his arrival, as he follows Kim around from stop to stop with his hands tied behind his back when he feels guilted into staying by her side through it all. Meanwhile, Scott and Rob enjoy their vacation in London and waste no time getting into some trouble. After a visit to a local museum, Scott becomes intrigued by the wardrobe of the London royalty and Googles what kind of title he can obtain while in London. Rob accompanies his sister's boyfriend as he becomes a certified Lord of the Manner. But a little goes a long way as Scott insists on going shopping for a new wardrobe to match his royal title.

The timing for Kim's London trip couldn't have been more perfect, seeing how her new boyfriend, Kanye West, was also in the UK for his world tour. The two link up for a little social time between appearances, and Kim treats her family to the red carpet treatment to West's show on one of their final nights there. Jonathan lets his frustration be known that he is tired of Kim being the puppet master and tells her he had a whole different agenda he would have liked to have maintained during his trip. Kim comes to her senses and apologizes to her friend, realizing she has been somewhat inconsiderate to Jonathan and her expectations of him being by her side, since all he wanted was to have some fun on his terms.

Meanwhile back in L.A., Khloe agrees to attend an appearance with Kris Jenner in Boston in lieu of Kim's absence. Bruce also is along for the ride, which gives Khloe an eyeful on what exactly Kris puts up with day in and day out with her sometimes snappy husband. However, Khloe is quick to point out to her mother that it's a two way street, and she encourages her mother to be nicer to people. In the end, Khloe points out that her mother and step-father will always be a bit on the wacky side no matter how hard they try to change their ways.

Upon their arrival back to the United States, Scott has high hopes of extending his royalties in his own household with his pregnant girlfriend, who is quick to put him back in his place, stating that she will always be the queen of the household. Scott's bubble is deflated as he realizes that is the truth, and all is back to normal with the Kardashian family.

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