In the latest two-part episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Kim Kardashian gets a little help from boyfriend Kanye West and his stylist. The three go through Kim's overly full closet of clothes, shoes and jewelry, and inspires the reality star to revamp some of her image and style. After clearing out over half of her wardrobe, Kim calls upon sister Khloe to show her what she's done. Khloe, however, was less than supportive of her sister's decision, almost moved to the point of being angry at what she had done.

Rob Kardashian's frustration of living in his sisters shadows continues to build, as he walks the red carpet in Las Vegas prior to judging the Miss America pageant when nearly all of his questions centered around his three famous sisters. Rob expresses his feelings about being shot down when approaching his mother and manager about business endeavours, including the possibility of opening a Men's DASH store and also expanding his sock line to underwear and other men's clothing.

Meanwhile, the girls enter into another business meeting for their latest fashion line -- makeup. Kim's newfound revamped image bleeds into her decisions with the line as she balks at using the Kardashian name on the products, annoying her two sisters beyond belief. The meeting leads to Kim expressing her desire to branch out more on her own, which insults Khloe and Kourtney.

Khloe determines the only way to resolve these deep issues and to "clear the air" before Kourtney's new baby arrives is to go to group therapy -- Kris, Rob, Kim, Kourtney and herself. Kim immediately feels the thought is ridiculous and wants no part of it, but after talking to Kris, agrees to go to support the family. After seeing the way Kim and Rob lashed out at each other prior to their first session, Kris agrees that the meeting with the professional doctor is mandatory.

While talking to the doctor, Khloe puts it all out on the table with her feelings of her mother favoring Kim. Kris is moved by Khloe's words and realizes that she needs to make more time to tell her other daughters how proud she is of them; not just focusing on praising Kim.

However, the group therapy backfires to a certain degree. Rather than getting the anger out of his system, Rob breaks down to tears and leaves the session. Khloe follows her brother into a unoccupied room to console him, followed by the doctor.

The episode is left to be continued, forcing viewers to wait until next week to see the result of the underlying issues in the Kardashian household. Stay tuned to ScreenCrush next week for our complete recap of the second part to 'Kardashian Therapy.'