Kim Kardashian takes her relationship with Kanye West public in the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' but not before a little more family drama unfolds in the second episode of the two-part show.

As the family gears up for Scott's grand opening of his New York City restaurant, Kim and Kourtney feel guilty about their argument and tension about Khloe not wanting to make the trip to the Big Apple for Scott's big day. But after talking to Lamar, Khloe realizes the fight started as a result of their sadness from missing their little sister, so she decides to take the family trip with her husband.

Leading up to the departure out of Los Angeles, Kim dances around the rumors of her relationship with Kanye when her family questions it. Kim insists the two are just friends, but after borrowing the rapper's expensive car for the afternoon, Kourtney calls her out saying friends typically don't do that kind of thing.

Meanwhile in New York, the reality of his grand opening starts to sink in for Scott, who stresses that everything may not be wrapped up in time and his entire family is coming up there just for him. The pressure makes Scott long for a night out on the town with Rob, and the two don't make it back to the hotel until sunrise. The all-nighter leaves pregnant Kourtney miffed that no matter how hard he tries, Scott will never outgrow his reckless and irresponsible behavior.

Scott meets his deadline for the grand opening of his restaurant, which is a total success. The whole family flocks to the restaurant for the big night, including Kanye West on Kim's arm, proudly puttting all rumors to rest, even though she insists she is taking things a lot slower this time around with her latest relationship.

Upon returning to the hotel, Kourtney pulls Scott aside to tell him how proud she is of his achievements. She then presents him with a small box containing a promise ring to remind him that she is always going to be there to support him, even though her mother, Kris, feels differently.

Stay tuned next week for our full recap of the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' to see what kind of fun and drama the family has in store.