Kris Jenner had her family feeling a little off in the latest episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.' Rather than their fun, glorious life of living big, Kris had her children and husband plotting out their plans for after they pass away.

Following a visit to her mother's, Kris began to feel somewhat on edge about the future and decided she didn't want to leave any stress or hard decisions in the hands of her children should anything happen to her. At first, the kids have their fun with it by teasing their mother and telling her that she has officially lost her mind, but the deeper into the decision making they got, the harder it started hitting them since they've already had to bury one parent.

The topic of death gets Kris concerned about another part of their family -- what Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick would do with their young son, Mason, in the event of a tragic accident. Kris decides to phone Kourtney to help her decide on who would take over guardianship of Mas, only to find out that she already had a plan. With Kim Kardashian also on the conversation, Kourtney informs her mom and sister that she and Scott had already named Khloe as Mason's caretaker. Kim's feelings are hurt upon hearing the news, but later feels better once Kourtney explains that she wants Kim to take over the financial aspect of her decisions should she die.

Kourtney is forced to deal with a little bit of death in her household before she was ready after Khloe and Kim decide to buy Mason a couple of goldfish. Unfortunately, one of the fish bites the dust the following day, to which the sisters capture a picture of the fish to replace it before Mason finds out. When another fish dies just a day later, Kourtney panics about dealing with death and having to explain it to her child. Bruce gives Kourt some fatherly advice about how it's all just a part of life, and he purchases his grandson a couple of kid-friendly books about pets that die.

The episode leaves off on a positive note, as Rob Kardashian decides that all the death talk needed to be changed over to celebrating living by throwing Kris a party at her favorite winery in Southern California. It was then that Rob decided to show his mother and her friends the portrait tattoo he had done on his arm honoring the most special woman in his life.

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