Do you want what could possibly be a super badass version of Clint Eastwood's classic western 'Unforgiven' but done so by the Japanese? Of course you do. And you'll want to see it even more after Ken Watanabe's name is slapped on it.

Japanese-Korean filmmaker Lee Sang-Il is taking on directing duties for the Japanese 'Unforgiven' remake, titled 'Yurusarezaru Mono' (A Thing That Can't Be Forgiven) says The Hollywood Reporter. The picture is being distributed under Warner Entertainment Japan. In the movie Watanabe will essentially be playing Eastwood's role as a samurai with a bloody past out to do one last job. Ken Watanabe tearing up people as a samurai? Please let us know when this movie is done because we want to see it right away.

Watanabe is the final piece of the main casting puzzle. They've already cast for the Morgan Freeman role with Akira Emoto in his spot and Koichi Sato in Gene Hackman's part. They'll be filming this bad boy later on this fall so don't be surprised if you start hearing some wonderful rumblings about this movie around this time in 2013. Hopefully it'll be a kick-ass bloody fun time. And for anyone offended that it's a remake, it's only fair as 'Yojimbo' was remade as 'Fistful of Dollars,' while 'Seven Samurai' was remade as 'The Magnificent Seven.' Roads can both ways.