It may still be a few years before we see Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme on the big screen, but following the studio’s official confirmation of Benedict Cumberbatch’s casting in ‘Doctor Strange,’ we’re going to start hearing more updates and rumors about the film. Take the latest rumor, for instance, which has Marvel eyeing Morgan Freeman, Bill Nighy, and Ken Watanabe—not for three different roles, but all for the same supporting role in the film. Very intriguing.

The rumor comes from Latino Review, who reports that their sources say that Freeman, Nighy, and Watanabe are all wanted to star in ‘Doctor Strange’ alongside Cumberbatch. The character they're all up for is known as The Ancient One, but what’s most interesting about this latest report is that Marvel is keeping things pretty diverse in the casting department. All three of those actors offer different races and age groups, and all three of them are exciting prospects.

We don’t know very much about ‘Doctor Strange,’ but we do know that it likely won’t begin filming until late next year, as Cumberbatch finishes his work on ‘Sherlock’ and is scheduled to return to the theatre for an engagement next summer.

Here’s how Marvel describes ‘Doctor Strange’:

The film, directed by Scott Derrickson with Jon Spaihts writing the screenplay, will follow the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions.

‘Doctor Strange’ hits theaters on November 4, 2016.