First the return of the animated series, now Broadway. Kevin Smith says plans are afoot to complete the 'Clerks' trilogy on the Great White Way with a stage production that will ultimately be screened in theaters for all to see.

While promoting his new book, "Tough Sh*t," in New York last week, Smith suggested he might take his over-the-counter comedy to Broadway, after seeing Alan Rickman in "Seminar."

Smith, who says he's stepping down from directing films with hockey flick, 'Hit Me,' may be enthusiastic about taking 'Clerks' to the big stage, but the future of the production hinges on securing the elusive Jeff Anderson, to reprise his role as Randal.

"Ultimately, I think Jeff would be into it if the script is good and so long as the the Weinstein Company is nowhere near it. But if we don’t get Jeff, it won’t happen. He’s the key to 'Clerks III' for me," Smith told EW.

Which makes sense based on his plans for this third installment. "It’s finally Randal’s turn to fall in love — just as everything else falls apart," said the director.

If Smith can get the band back together, 'Clerks III' would run for six months with six shows a night with a one-night performance that would be broadcast to theaters for fans across the country.

As for the rest of the 'Clerks' crew, Smith is in the midst of reaching out to remaining Quick Stoppers. "[Jason Mewes] asked if he could be his own understudy. I haven’t spoken to Brian [O'Halloran] yet, but he’s the only one of us with actual theatrical training, so this will be right up his alley. I know I’ll need Trevor [Fehrman] as well, because Elias from 'Clerks II' will feature prominently. Rosario Dawson’s Becky would feature in a pre-recorded bit," Smith told EW.

With the announcement of this latest project and the possible return of the animated series, it's certainly a good time to be a 'Clerks' fan.