Well, Kevin Smith’s TV credits had to be leading somewhere, if not a Mallrats or Buckaroo Banzai series. Now, the recent Supergirl director has in mind to develop Spawn creator Todd McFarlane’s Sam and Twitch for a TV adaptation at BBC-America; both directing and writing.

Deadline revealed the news in conversation with BBC-America boss Sarah Barnett, specifying that Smith’s adaptation was only in development for now. The Sam and Twitch characters were originally introduced in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series, though Smith will write and direct them for their own series:

Well, we’ve got some high-profile talent that we have attached to a show that we’re doing. It’s Kevin Smith. We’re super excited about him. Obviously, he is attached to Comic Book Men in the family on AMC. He is attached to write, direct and EP a series based on the Sam And Twitch comic book series for us.

They were originally introduced in Spawn, and it’s Todd McFarlane’s comic book series about these big-city homicide detectives who face a series of super grizzly crimes that are connected to the occult. Its kind of frightening and sort of gallows humor. It’s, again, procedural, but in a very modern, contemporary way. So each episode is closed ended, although there are certain character-serialized aspects to the storytelling.

Smith is also due to return to Supergirl at some point this season, to say nothing of future film projects in the works. Either way, BBC-A has found success with genre projects like Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, so might Smith find a more permanent home with Sam and Twitch? Stay tuned for the latest announcements.

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