Sadly, we have been reluctantly ushered into a post-Key & Peele world by the riotous Comedy Central sketch show’s conclusion back in September. But the show went out on the best possible terms that any show can possibly hope to end. Instead of grinding on and on until quality and viewership declined, compelling the network to pull the plug, both Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key agreed that the show had run its course and that they were interested in pursuing new projects. So, yes, while we may be living in a post-Key & Peele world, we’re far from living in a post-Key and Peele world.

One of those new projects they were so hot on exploring came to light today in the form of Wendell and Wild, a planned stop-motion feature collaboration between the Key-Peele team and Henry Selick, the director of such stop-motion standouts as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. A new exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter indicates that much like those two films, this new picture will be a kid-friendly comedy with spookily macabre undertones. Selick provided a quote detailing a bit of the plot: “[it’s] a comedy about two scheming demon brothers who must face their arch-nemesis, the demon-dusting nun Sister Helly, and her two acolytes, the goth teens Kat and Raoul.”

Key and Peele’s involvement on the project has yet to be specified, seeing as Selick has taken the director’s chair and the script will be based on an original story from Selick as well. The THR item claims that the group is “currently discussing the creative details,” which could suggest that Key and Peele have come on board to lend a hand with the final script. Either way, this certainly has the making of another clever, imaginative, and funny charmer, though we’d be remiss to expect anything less from Key, Peele, or Selick.

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