One of Key and Peele's most outrageous and, by now, well-known sketches is 'Substitute Teacher,' in which Keegan-Michael Key plays a substitute teacher from the inner city who doesn't take crap from anybody, especially from students with dumb names like A-Aron and De-Nice. The video has already racked up more than 58 million views on YouTube, but now it might come to the big screen in feature-film form.

Mr. Garvey taught school for 20 years in the inner city, so don't even think about messing with him!

In the latest issue of EW, Key revealed:

We’re in negotiations at Paramount to make a ‘Substitute Teacher’ movie. Two of our writers are penning it. Well, they’re not penning it as we speak — it’s getting there.

Now this we gotta see!

Together, Key and Peele make one of the strongest comedic forces in recent memory, with their sketches, like 'Liam Neesons' and 'I Said B----,' gaining more and more traction through social media and online interaction. With season 4 of 'Key & Peele' debuting on Comedy Central this past Thursday, they're more in demand than ever, and we would welcome their own Mr. Garvey-centric movie.

However, they do have a lot (and we mean a lot) going on right now, from producing the 'Police Academy' reboot to Peele voicing Melvin in the 'Captain Underpants' movie to Keele's roles in 'Horrible Bosses 2' and Disney's 'Tomorrowland.' Given the early status of a 'Substitute Teacher' movie, there's no telling when we might see this come to fruition, but we can hope it comes soon.

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