Who killed Rosie Larsen? It looks like we all did according to the ratings for the second season finale of AMC's 'The Killing,' which only pulled in half the total audience that tuned in for the series premiere last year.

As it turns out, if you take 26 episodes to uncover the answer to the mystery of who killed a teenage girl, most people are going to stop caring. Audiences couldn't even be bothered to watch the final episode, exhausted as they were from the endless stream of red herrings, maudlin theatrics, fake Indian bones, and rain... so much rain.

This past Sunday's finale brought in only 1.5 million viewers. In contrast, the series premiere brought in 2.7 million and the first season finale brought 2.5 million. The season two premiere attracted 1.8 million viewers, and while that discrepancy doesn't seem large, it's quite telling.

Although the show finally gave up the goods and told us who killed Rosie Larsen (and the episode -- while bumpy in the first half -- had an incredibly powerful finish), it just doesn't seem like that many people cared anymore.

In fact, according to TV by the Numbers, here's what people watched instead of 'The Killing':

  • TNT drama 'Falling Skies' -- Aliens.
  • HBO hit 'True Blood' -- Can you blame them? Two words: Christopher Meloni.
  • 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' -- That's right, people willingly chose to watch a show about a family that became famous thanks to their daughter's sex tape.
  • 'Ice Road Truckers' -- Men drive semi-trucks over ice, melt hearts.
  • 'Food Network Star' -- It's food. On TV. What's porn?
  • 'Drop Dead Diva' -- A Lifetime show about a model who dies and has to live inside an overweight woman.
  • 'Sister Wives' -- 'Big Love': The Reality Show, so basically people turned on 'The Killing' saw Mireille Enos, remembered 'Big Love' and said, "I'd rather be over here now."
  • A repeat of 'Law & Order: SVU' at midnight -- Because people like their mysteries with a side of sexual deviancy and solved within the hour.
  • 'SpongeBob' -- He has square pants. Does Rosie Larsen have square pants? No.
  • A NASCAR rain delay -- People sat and watched water fall from the sky rather than 'The Killing'

'The Killing' has yet to be picked up for a third season, but maybe if they hired a Kardashian, made Holder a shirtless vampire, added more food, an alien driving a semi-truck over ice in square-shaped trousers, and moved to Utah, the show could be great.