We've heard of being pie-bombed and glitter-bombed and ... well, just plain bombed. But what about being flour-bombed? Seems a woman who assaulted the reality star everyone loves to hate, Kim Kardashian, is trying to start a whole new trend.

At a Thursday-night launch event for Kardashian's new fragrance, True Reflection, someone rushed onto the red carpet, yelled "Fur hag!" and doused the now-she's-married-now-she's-not starlet with a baggie full of flour, leaving a white powdery mess all over Kardashian's dark hair and black leather outfit. (And no, it wasn't Kris Humphries.)

There were a few scary moments as bodyguards, security staff and the fire department ascertained exactly what type of substance was all over Kardashian, but when it was determined to be harmless cooking flour, she cleaned herself up and went back to the party.

Seems Kim's "attacker" is upset she wears fur, and it's not the first time the flour-brigade has set the Kardashian empire in its sights: back in December, Kim's friend and publicist Jonathan Cheban was also given a dusty bath while attending an event at the Kardashian sisters’ Dash retail store.

The unnamed assailant in this latest incident was held by police, but released after Kim declined to press charges.

Watch Kim become the main ingredient in a cake below: