Much like the Marvel movies add subtle differences to each iteration of the superheroes’ costumes, the cast of Star Wars also gets periodic updates from movie to movie. We already learned some possible details about Luke Skywalker’s new getup for Episode VIII, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Kylo Ren also may be getting some new duds. Some spoilers for The Force Awakens are below, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be aware.

This news comes courtesy of, who are usually pretty on top of things as far as movie details like this go. Even so, take this news with as many grains of salt as you feel is acceptable. We already learned in The Force Awakens that, by virtue of being Han Solo and Leia’s son, Kylo Ren is the grandson of Darth Vader. His obsession with his grandfather is apparent from the moment you see him, practically, as he’s adopted his Sith relative’s particular black cape and mask fashion statements, as well as possessing a red lightsaber. In the next movie, the similarities between the two could get even stronger, as Kylo Ren’s costume redesign may bring back a relic from the original trilogy.

According to sources, Kylo Ren is wearing a Darth Vader cape in Star Wars: Episode VIII. The cape is said to be like the one Darth Vader wears in The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi. However, the cape does not have the same chain clasp. It is not entirely clear if this cape is one Kylo made to resemble that of his grandfather’s or if he actually procured one of Darth Vader’s capes that probably fell into the hands of collectors in the Star Wars galaxy.

If you’ve read the most recent Star Wars novels, you know that collecting memorabilia from the time of the original trilogy is not an uncommon practice, much like people nowadays collecting mementos and artifacts from the world wars. Kylo Ren had to have gotten that melted Vader helmet from somewhere (and thank goodness it’s melted, or he might’ve tried to actually wear it). Either way, Ren’s not taking Edna Mode’s “NO CAPES” advice to heart, which may come back to bite him later on.

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters December 15, 2017.


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