It's been a long time coming, but Link and his allies are finally coming to the big screen! A Legend Of Zelda movie has apparently been in the works for a long time, but it's just now being officially announced. Wes Ball, who's perhaps best known for Maze Runner and also directed the upcoming Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, is set to direct. The film will be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto (of course), and Avi Arad. For those not familiar with Arad, he's a pretty major name in the industry, due to his work on the original Spider-Man movie franchise and at Marvel.

Miyamoto took to Nintendo’s official Twitter account to explain that he and Arad had actually been discussing an adaptation for quite some time. It seems they've mostly worked out all the kinks, and they're looking forward to getting to serious work on the adaptation soon.

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It's taken quite a while for news about this movie to surface, even though it's probably one of the most eagerly awaited video game adaptations of all time. Casting rumors are already swirling among fans. People are somewhat cynically making memes casting Tom Holland as Link (which may not actually be a bad choice).

It's also not quite clear what the plot of the movie will look like. They could take a more classic approach, with a more or less straightforward story like A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. It could also take place in a modern, urban fantasy setting. Only time will tell exactly what form we see Ganon, Zelda, and Link in going forward. Either way, after the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, there are only so many ways it could go wrong.

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