Okay, so maybe we were a bit apprehensive about this whole 'Lego' movie, but not anymore. Casting is underway, and in perhaps the most inspired choice made in recent film history, Will Arnett has been cast as Batman. Read on to find out who might be joining him!

Variety reports that Arnett will be joined by fellow NBC star Chris Pratt ('Parks and Recreation'), who will voice the lead Lego character. Current "it" guy Channing Tatum is also being eyed to lend his vocal talents to the role of Superman.

Superman and Batman? This movie sounds awesome!

'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are set to direct, with Adam McKay ('Robot Chicken') on board to co-direct this epic animated film.

The story follows Emmet (Pratt), a regular ol' Lego guy who is mistaken for the "MasterBuilder," someone who can build incredible things. He's asked to join a special quest with a group of strangers to stop an evil villain who intends to glue the entire Lego universe together. If you've ever had someone glue your Legos together, you know that is a total pain in the ass and renders them completely useless.

WB has been developing the Lego film for some time now, but production is finally under way and we're getting pretty stoked. If this preliminary cast list is any indication, we're in for a total blast.