It looks like Universal learned nothing from 'Battleship.' Nothing at all. There's no other reason that they could be pursuing LEGO's 'Hero Factory' robots for a big screen adaptation. But they are, and they're hiring writers.

Currently it looks like Michael Finch and Alex Litvak - best known for writing the mediocre 'Predators' - are in negotiations to pen the franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Oh we get it, it's meant to be something similar to the 'Transformers' franchise, which has been highly profitable for Paramount and everyone involved, and supposedly this has a dense mythology which makes it sound very similar to 'Transformers.' There's good robots sent around the universe to fight evil. Okay.

Of course, this isn't the only 'LEGO' movie in the works, with Phil Lord and Chris Miller also writing and directing a film about the Lego universe. And if we're slightly more positive on that it's only because of the people behind it.

But this all seems to be about branding - having a name that means something to an audience. And eventually studios will either find this doesn't work, or start getting more desperate. Could we see 'Hot Topic: The Movie' or 'Wacky Wall Walkers' in our cinematic future?

Our Magic Eight Ball reads: "My rights are still available."