This fall, Lego goes Marvel. Check out the latest trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes, featuring one heck of a lot of characters.

With this trailer, we get our first really great look at the variety of playable characters TT Games will have in the LMSH roster. We also get a better hint as to the story of the upcoming Lego adventure. Dr. Doom is always up to no good, but teamed with Loki and the rest of the Marvel U villains, it will no doubt be a tough task for any player to overcome the odds and win.

Then you throw in Galactus, and all your plans go right out the window. Seriously though, how great does this game look? We can't wait to see what kind of variant costumes TT Games throws in, and how all the powers will work together to help us get through one of the biggest Marvel storylines since Secret Wars. Yeah, we went there.