Hot off their Oscar nominations for 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are reteaming to tell the true story of Richard Jewell, a security guard at the 1996 Olympic games who became a hero after a bomb scare, only to find his life fall apart when he became a suspect himself. According to Deadline, Fox has acquired the rights to Marie Brenner's 1997 article 'The Ballad of Richard Jewell,' which will serve as the source material for the film.

Between his unlikely chemistry with Channing Tatum, and his even more unlikely chemistry with DiCaprio, Hill's increasingly varied career has really become something wondrous and strange to behold. Yes, somehow the chubby guy from 'Superbad' is a two-time Oscar nominee with a steady working relationship with one of the biggest and most powerful names in Hollywood.

Although the film doesn't have a writer or director yet, the involvement of Hill and DiCaprio will surely get things rolling quickly. Hill will play Jewell and DiCaprio will play his attorney, who defended Jewell when the media transformed him from a hero into a terrorist. [Ed. note: You can read the entire Vanity Fair article this film will be based on here.] Considering that another one of Brenner's articles became Michael Mann's fantastic 'The Insider,' we imagine that this could be a big winner. Heck, why not pursue Mann for the director's seat?

We imagine that a director will get attached to this sooner rather than later.