Hey, remember the Volkswagen scandal? You know, the one that just happened last month? The one that inspired a book that hasn’t even been written yet? Oh, good. You remember. So does Leonardo DiCaprio, and his Appian Way banner is producing a film all about it, in case you forget between now and approximately two years from now.

THR reports that DiCaprio and his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran have acquired the rights to Jack Ewing’s book proposal about the Volkswagen scandal — yes, the book has not even been written yet and DiCaprio has already seized the rights to adapt the story for the big screen.

In case you somehow forgot, the Volkswagen scandal became a thing in September, when it was discovered that the company had taken some shortcuts in their emissions, programming their diesel vehicles so that emissions standards were only passed during actual emissions tests. Studies showed that the emissions were actually much higher (like 40 times higher) when cars were in use. CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned from the company following the scandal that has tarnished the renowned German automobile manufacturer’s legacy.

While the basic concept of a car company fudging the emissions on their vehicles sounds kind of snoozy, it also sounds like the kind of story that could be compelling given the right writer / director. Someone like David Fincher could make me want to watch this movie.

In related news, no one has acquired the rights to tell the story of the making of those Volkswagen commercials featuring Peter Stormare.