"That's the guy who does 'Taken'! That's the guy who's the biggest badass in movies right now!"

We've all got jobs we'd rather not remember -- that summer working the French fry bin at McDonald's, that bad internship at our mom's company -- and even mega Hollywood success doesn't prohibit a superstar like Liam Neeson from feeling that exact same pain. The actor has had bad, strange jobs, too, but nothing that could quite compare to his very first movie role.

Neeson hit up 'The Tonight Show' last night, and host Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to dig up Neeson's very first movie role: as the star of a strange educational film about trains? Water? Dressing in disguise? It's not very clear, but what is clear is that Neeson had that spark of genius even then. Who else could sell a handlebar mustache and striped swimsuit while also talking about safety?

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