There’s a new Liam Neeson movie this week, as it seems there is almost every week lately. Since Taken debuted (and became a huge surprise hit) some seven years ago, Neeson has become one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, churning out gritty B-movies and comedies at a clip of two or three a year. (His last film, Taken 3, came out less than two months ago; his next, Ted 2, comes out in June.)

Though I’ve enjoyed a number of Neeson’s recent action vehicles, even I would concede many of them do look and feel very similar. At a certain point, they all blur together; was Unknown the one where he was hunting for a mysterious bomber on an airplane, or the one where he was the alcoholic detective chasing the serial killer? (Actually neither; Unknown was the one where he was the amnesiac doctor.)

If it seems like these Liam Neeson movies are being churned out from some master screenplay, that’s because they are — from this very Mad Libs treatment which an anonymous source sent me via email today (I’ve verified its authenticity with several additional people with first-hand knowledge of Liam’s Neesons). Now you too can write your own Liam Neeson movie by filling in the blanks below. Give it a try!

The Liam Neeson Movie Mad Lib

Michael Shane is a    ADJECTIVE    family man and a retired member of the    NAME OF CITY    police. He is played in the film by    ACTOR WHO IS LIAM NEESON   .

After an enjoyable afternoon spent    VERB ENDING IN -ING    in the park, Michael and his    MEMBER OF FAMILY    reluctantly agree to let their beloved    OTHER MEMBER OF FAMILY    embark on a trip to    NAME OF COUNTRY    with several friends. What Michael doesn’t realize, though, is that their plane also contains a    NOUN   , and in the ensuing chaos, the plane goes down.

Just as the plane’s radio dies, Michael receives a message with the survivors’ location; he warns them to be careful. Thanks to his    ADJECTIVE    knowledge of the world, he understands instantly that they are all going to be    PAST PARTICIPLE OF VERB   . With just     NUMBER   hours before their food supply runs out, Michael must journey to rescue the person he holds most precious in the world.

On his way to the airport, though, Michael’s car is attacked by gangsters. As it turns out, before his career as a cop, Michael worked an operative for the    GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION   , and spent time overseas fighting the    NATIONALITY    mafia. In that capacity, Michael killed dozens of    PLURAL NOUN   , and now all their surviving relatives are back for    NOUN   .

Michael is taken to the gangsters’ safe house, where he is struck on the    BODY PART   , knocking him unconscious. When he wakes, he has no memory of who    NOUN    is. Now Michael has only    NUMBER    hours to remember who    NOUN    is, find his loved ones, prove his innocence to the    ADJECTIVE    police detective who now suspects him of murder — and fend off a surprise attack from an entire pack of wild    PLURAL KIND OF ANIMAL   . His only weapon throughout is a bunch of    PLURAL NOUN    taped to his knuckles. Can he do it?

Yes, obviously. Because he is    ACTOR WHO IS LIAM NEESON   .