Wasn't Liam Neeson a badass in 'Taken'? And doesn't he look like he's going to be even more of one in 'Taken 2'? Well, guess what -- that's not always him doing those badass things up there on the screen.

Of course you knew that already, just as you knew that the stunt team plays a vital role in action thrillers like 'Taken.' Especially when you're leading man is sixty, and you can't afford to shut down production if he takes a nasty fall. It seems like Neeson and the stunt team are at it again in the sequel, with the crew's work highlighted in a new clip that's been posted at Collider.

In the new film, Neeson returns as a retired CIA agent who must use all his "skills" to save his family -- only in this one, he and his wife (Famke Janssen) have been kidnapped, while his daughter (Maggie Grace), the first movie's kidnap victim, must help her dad from afar.

French action director Olivier Megaton ('Colombiana') is behind the camera this time around, while Neeson and the stunt crew will be doing the dirty work in front of it when the movie opens on October 5th.