For awhile we've been wondering what Ang Lee's version of the popular book 'Life of Pi' would look like on the big screen. After all, it's a story about a young boy and a tiger trapped on a semi-small boat. But from the new images and the footage that we've seen so far, our interest has definitely perked up.

At this point some of you may have already seen some of the footage shown so far for Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi' if you went to see 'Prometheus' in 3D this past weekend. The clip we have showcased below is the one that was shown in theaters, giving us a glimpse of Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) and his new boat mate, a fearsome tiger.

'Life of Pi' is based off the novel written by Yann Martel and written for the screen by David Magee. We focus on Pi, the precocious son of a zookeeper who moves with his family from India to Canada via ship. After a shipwreck, Pi finds himself stranded on a small boat with several zoo creatures including a Bengal tiger. The struggle to survive not only at sea but mixed together with these creatures becomes a daily hassle for Pi.

The new images from 'Life of Pi' appear on the official website. 'Life of Pi' is out in theaters everywhere on November 21st. Check out the 'Life of Pi' video clip below.