We want nothing more to fall in love with Ang Lee's movie adaptation of the 'Life of Pi.' The latest trailers and images dolled out to help promote the film are simply stunning to look at, and everyone seems to be hoping that the final product will match our preconceived expectations. Now, thanks to some early reviews and reactions coming in from the 'Life of Pi' debut at the 2012 New York Film Festival, we finally have some clue whether to expect the best or the worst from the theatrical release on November 21, 2012.

From what the critics are saying, it looks like we have next to nothing to fear and 'Life of Pi' is truly a wonder to behold. Those present at the NYFF have been tweeting in their early reactions to the film with nothing but best of reviews. Most are calling it a definite Oscar winner with visual effects rivaling that of Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings' series. "People say the cinema is dying, and yet films like this prove that it's *still* just being invented," tweeted Movies.com writer David Erhlich.

However, while the imagery itself seems to overshadow most of the flaws in 'Life of Pi,' some are pointing out the the film's major weakness is the script. Although most refrain from delving any further into that criticism -- at least on Twitter -- long, "dull" sections of dialogue were referred to as holding the film somewhat back. But again, most people seemed to have nothing but the best things to say, which is a drastic difference from the early 'Cloud Atlas' reviews.

See for yourself what the critics are saying through their early reviews of 'Life of Pi.'