Although it doesn't open in wide release until next week, Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' has already started gaining traction as a major Oscar contender, with Daniel Day-Lewis' performance as the sixteenth President of the United States being one of the most talked about roles of the year. However, Day-Lewis is supported by one of the deepest character actor benches in recent memory and two new clips from the film give us a taste of the film's supporting cast.

The first clip gives us a look at Tommy Lee Jones as abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens on the floor of the United States congress. Although Jones occasionally has a bad habit of taking and sleepwalking through paycheck gigs these days, his work in 'Lincoln' already has awards pundits declaring him a frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. We're pleased to hear that. When he gets a role that he truly cares about, there are few actors as powerful as him.

The second clip is a little less showy, but it's notable for containing a few of the greatest "that guys" currently working in Hollywood. 'Lincoln' is the kind of movie where you get to see Tim Blake Nelson, John Hawkes and  David Strathairn have a scene together. Many films would consider it a huge win to get one of those guys in the cast.

'Lincoln' opens wide on November 16th.

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