In case you thought that Daniel Day-Lewis wouldn't win an Oscar for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' - let's just dispel that notion now. We know it's weird to say that just based off the new 'Lincoln' poster but c'mon, he just looks too good...

The first 'Lincoln' poster was released today and it looks very presidential. In fact, it looks a lot like the front of a penny.

Daniel Day-Lewis was reportedly in character long before shooting began and didn't break for the remainder of the shooting. Co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently said that he didn't meet "Daniel Day-Lewis" until after the movie had wrapped and when he was on set, all he knew was Abraham Lincoln. It's that same kind of dedication that Day-Lewis brought to 'There Will Be Blood' for which he won the Academy Award.

The film hits select theaters in early November and expands nationwide later that month. With any hope we'll see a 'Lincoln' trailer soon and actually get to hear Daniel Day-Lewis speak (if he looks this much like Honest Abe, imagine what he sounds like...)