Lindsay Lohan claimed she's a newly reformed actress ready to make good on her commitments, but old habits are hard to break. Since filming began on 'Scary Movie 5,' which she's set to appear in with fellow "reformed" mess Charlie Sheen, she "missed every meeting" and skipped out on wardrobe fittings in an attempt to get out of the film. Not to mention she was found unconscious while filming 'Liz & Dick' and got in a serious car accident, which also violated the insurance policy she signed with Lifetime for the flick. Now she's getting into even more shenanigans as just this morning she was arrested for hitting a man with her porsche in New York City. What do you think? Is this yet another attempt to get herself fired from 'Scary Movie 5'? According to TMZ, Lohan was trying to park her car near the Dream Hotel in downtown Manhattan around midnight and hit the knee of a 30-ish-year-old pedestrian. Then, after her pal got out to check the damages, the two walked into the hotel for a drink only to later be arrested by police officers when she emerged at 2:30 a.m. Although sources are also saying that she was only charged with a misdemeanor and sent home with a desk appearance ticket, this doesn't bode well for the celeb. As one of the probation conditions left over from her jewelry theft, Judge Stephanie Sautner required Lohan to adhere to all laws and therefore can haul her back into court if needed. The man she hit was also taken to Bellevue Hospital, although he sustained no visible injuries. As far as 'Scary Movie 5' goes, Lohan originally pulled all these annoying stunts because she wasn't too thrilled to play a part in the project after realizing how much it would make fun of her. Most recently, she was said to have filmed a sex scene with Charlie Sheen, and though that sounds like not the greatest thing in the world, it doesn't mean she can hit someone with her car. Whether this latest stunt will have any effect on filming is yet to be revealed. All we can say for now is, Stay tuned!