The Best Music Award at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards didn't get a big announcement during the show, but during a commercial break it was announced that LMFAO won Best Music for "Party Rock Anthem" in the comedy hit '21 Jump Street.'

The Best Music Award was strangely given away during a break in the programming and MTV host Sway gave the award to the guys from LMFAO.

The LMFAO song was used in '21 Jump Street' during the house party scene when Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum - pretending to be high schoolers - throw a huge party in order to make friends at their new school.  It doesn't always go well (Jonah gets stabbed in the back) but they have a blast doing it.

Best Music usually goes to classical themes created specifically for the films but that didn't stop LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" - a radio staple before '21 Jump Street' hit theaters - from winning the MTV Movie Award. If, by some strange chance, you haven't heard the song yet (or just want to give it another listen), we've included it below: