You're going to be seeing a whole lot of Tom Hardy in the coming year, as the actor has been attached to various projects over the course of the last couple of years -- one such project was 'Locke,' a thriller that premiered last year at the Venice film festival and is already garnering excellent early reviews. Lionsgate UK has released the first official trailer for this minimalist flick starring Hardy on a long solo drive, and it seems intriguing, to say the least.

Hardy, who also stars in the upcoming films 'Child 44' and 'The Drop' (and the long-awaited 'Mad Max: Fury Road'), stars in 'Locke' as Ivan Locke, a working man in Britain on a long drive home, just trying to keep himself from falling apart with the help of several familiar voices on his car's speaker phone. Those people are voiced by Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, and Andrew Scott, and from the trailer, we can tell one of them is his wife.

It seems like a simple enough story, but clearly things are not right with Ivan -- his life is unraveling and this drive home is going to test his limits. The film is written and directed by Steven Knight, known for his work on the critically acclaimed UK series 'Peaky Blinders,' and who also recently directed the Jason Statham film 'Redemption.' Knight also wrote the screenplays for 'Eastern Promises' and 'Dirty Pretty Things,' so we're fully on board with 'Locke.'

The film hits theaters on April 25.