The credited writer on Steven Soderbergh’s return to film directing, Logan Lucky, is Rebecca Blunt. But according to the Hollywood Reporter’s sources Rebecca Blunt doesn’t exist; it’s a pseudonym. And no one outside the production knows who really wrote the film.

THR says the secrecy around Blunt was so thick that some members of Logan Lucky’s cast didn’t know she didn’t exist, and even interacted with the “writer” over email:

The Rebecca Blunt ruse was so thorough that people involved with the film that stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig had no idea that a pseudonym was in play and claim to have exchanged emails with Blunt in the U.K., where they believed she lived. Blunt never visited the set of the film, but that never raised any flags beyond the NASCAR-emblazoned ones featured throughout the pic.

THR highlights three potential candidates for Blunt’s secret identity: Jules Asner, Soderbergh’s wife who wrote a well-reviewed novel a few years ago, John Henson, the former host of Talk Soup and Wipeout who supposedly was working on a screenplay with Soderbergh that had “similar themes” to Logan Lucky but never panned out, and Soderbergh himself. Fans know Soderbergh’s no stranger to pseudonyms; he often shoots his own movies as “Peter Andrews” and edits them as “Mary Ann Bernard.” (Fun fact: Soderbergh’s parents are named Peter Andrews Soderbergh and Mary Ann Bernard.)

UPDATE: The Playlist says a “source intimately connected to the production and director” confirms that Asner wrote “100% wrote the script in full.”

Blunt’s work, whoever he or she really is, has garnered good reviews so far. Here at ScreenCrush, Erin Oliver Whitney wrote that the writer “brings impressive richness and specificity to each of her characters, embedding their quirks into the framework of the heist plot.” And apparently there’s a lot of interest among Hollywood managers and agents in representing the writer on future projects. Provided, of course, that whoever Rebecca Blunt is they actually want to write future projects.

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