Christmas may be over, but 20th Century Fox has a last minute gift for all you Wolverine fans: To commemorate the iconic hero’s original comic-book debut, the studio is giving away 1,974 frames from the upcoming final trailer for Logan. It’s a limited edition giveaway deal (obviously), but if you head to Logan’s new viral website and enter your info, you can receive a postcard with one of those 1,974 frames — to hang on your wall or send to a friend, or maybe shove in a shoebox with the keepsakes from your other exes.

If you head over to, you’ll be asked to enter your first and last name, address and email address to potentially receive a limited edition postcard featuring a single frame from the upcoming trailer. Since there are only 1,974 frames, you should probably get on that (last I checked, there are still some left). Why 1974? That’s the year that Wolverine first made his comic-book debut, appearing in the pages of The Incredible Hulk issues #180 and #181.

Once you receive your frame, you can share a photo of it online with the hashtag #OneLastTime. Presumably, it’ll look pretty neat when you view all of these frames together — or you could just watch the trailer, which will reportedly debut in January.

Directed by James Mangold, Logan stars Hugh Jackman in his final outing as Wolverine, alongside fellow X-Men vet Patrick Stewart as Professor X. The film co-stars newcomer Dafne Keen as Laura (aka X-23), Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Narcos star Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce and Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice. Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.