As technology keeps advancing, Hollywood keeps using it for better and better special effects, achieving digital tricks studios couldn’t even imagine just ten years ago. Visual effects companies are in high demand these days, with all the superhero movies out there, but sometimes it’s the smaller, more detail-oriented VFX that are the most impressive.

For Logan, the VFX company Image Engine had to make it look like there were two Hugh Jackmans onscreen at once, one older, one younger, so that they could fight each other. To achieve this effect, Image Engine made a digital composite of Hugh Jackman’s head, using images they took of every angle at every lighting condition, to superimpose a 3-D digital replica onto the head of Jackman’s body double. The result, as you can see in the movie, is near-flawless.

Image Engine has been providing digital effects work for a ton of blockbusters recently, from Jurassic World to Deadpool, and studios like this are only going to get more work as movies like this get more popular. Compared to something as intricate as this, though, animating a lifelike Velociraptor seems almost easy.

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