After plenty of trailers and posters, the first official 'The Lone Ranger' clip has arrived and it gives us a taste of what Disney's epic action western will feel like. If you guessed that it would feel a lot like the 'Pirates of the Caribbean''re right. Between director Gore Verbsinki's familiar style and the mere presence of Johnny Depp, this clip looks very much like something written for a 'Pirates' film retconned for the Old West.

Just like in his 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies, Verbinski seems to be effortlessly melding comedy and action with 'The Lone Ranger.' In the clip, the title character (Armie Hammer, sans mask) and Tonto (Depp) find themselves chained together on top of a moving train. Despite their precarious situation, the two heroes bicker and argue about what to do next, shooting down each other's plans as they kick ass and perform a handful of very dangerous-looking stunts.

Even after all of the trailers and this clip, we still don't know what to make of 'The Lone Ranger,' which remains one of the biggest wild cards of the summer. We've seen plenty of amusing bits and the action sure looks massive, but it definitely seems to be lacking the character of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films (which really appears to be the only possible point of comparison). What do you think? Are you sold on this film yet?

'The Lone Ranger' hits theaters on July 3, 2013.