Much of the focus surrounding Rian Johnson’s ‘Looper’ has been about either the time-travel aspect of the plot, or the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis were playing the same character at different stages of his life. Well, Emily Blunt grabbed a shotgun and is demanding we pay a little attention to her character. And who are we to disappoint a lady?

My first thought? That doesn’t really look like Blunt at all. The photo (along with two other stills) was posted on AllMoviePhoto, and its shows Blunt’s character, Sara, defends her property from an unseen threat. According to the trailer, JGL waits along a dusty road for victims to be sent back through time so he can execute them. When he’s forced to go on the run, I’m willing to get he shows up on Blunt’s farm and pulls her into his web of intrigue.

Either way, we’re in. Johnson first collaborated with Gordon-Levitt on the brilliant ‘Brick,’ and we’ve been fascinated by the mechanics of his time-travel crime thriller ever since the director started leaking plot points.

‘Looper’ is due in theaters on Sept. 28, but we’re expecting it to play at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Johnson brought ‘The Brothers Bloom.’ More information on ‘Looper’ as it develops.

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