Time and again we've seen the classic 'Lost in Space' given the reboot treatment, from the 1998 big-screen version to a John Woo-directed TV take in the early 2000s, so what's one more? The Robinsons will pack up and head for the stars once more, as Legendary TV has begun development of a new 'Lost in Space' series with the writers behind 'Dracula Untold.'

Per Deadline, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless will write the new 'Lost in Space' TV project, producing with Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment, holder of the original rights. For those out of the pop culture loop, the original 1960s series saw 1997 future family the Robinsons heading into space for a 5-year mission, before the evil Dr. Smith sabotaged the mission and sent the family off-course.

Crewed by John and Maureen Robinson, their children Penny, Judy and Will, as well as Major Don West, Doctor Smith and “Robot,” the original series aired on CBS for a grand total of 83 episodes over 3 seasons. In addition to the 1998 film, an early attempt to revive the series as an NBC TV-movie, The WB filmed a 2003 pilot for a new 'Lost in Space,' directed by John Woo, though it never went to series.

Well, what do you think? Would you be interested in a new 'Lost in Space' series, should it go to production?

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