In case you forgot, Capcom's Lost Planet 3 is still happening, and it looks like there will definitely be planets and plenty of monologues.

The Lost Planet franchise has a devoted fan-base, but the games haven't exactly burned up the charts. Lost Planet 3 was originally supposed to come out earlier this year, but was delayed to August for reasons. Capcom's sci-fi shooter series has always had some sort of bizarre weather situation and aliens, but the trailer gives off an incredible Dead Space 3 vibe. The isolation, the distant girlfriend, the monsters waiting around every corner, it's all feels very similar.

It probably doesn't help that there's been little push for Lost Planet 3 from Capcom all year, but until this trailer arrived, we forgot this was even releasing this year. The footage above doesn't really do anything to entice us into caring about the sequel, but there's still time for Capcom to win us over.

Check out the trailer, and let us know what you think in the comments.