Comedian Louis C.K. is known for his exceptional candor, the nature of which netted additional Horace and Pete headlines over admissions that the self-financed drama had put him into debt by failing to recoup investments quickly enough. The internet being what it is, C.K. now assures that he’s “so not broke,” and every TV series undergoes the same lull.

Where initially the Louie creator and star told Howard Stern that he’d taken out a line of credit to finance the remainder of Horace and Pete episodes, not having made the initial money back as quickly as he’d hoped, Entertainment Weekly reports that C.K. clarified the situation a bit with Bill Simmons:

I went on Howard Stern and talked about where the show was at, and I told him that I’m in debt — I borrowed money to make the show, which is every single TV show ever made; they’re all in debt. I know this from getting my financial reports for my show on FX [Louie], because I’m a partner on my FX show, and I have participation in the profits, so they send me a thing that tells me, and I read those.

Either way, the revered star noted that the show represents an asset for him financially, one likely to increase its eventual profit with a sale to Netflix or Hulu. As C.K. initially outlined to Stern, the series should turn a profit by the summer, given his added promotional focus.

So, there you have it. Louis C.K. would like (but doesn’t need) your money, and probably won’t be hungry for new Louie anytime soon.

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