Before his many Emmy Award nominees for his hit FX series 'Louie,' comedian Louis C.K. wrote and directed a movie that nobody saw. No, not 'Pootie Tang,' another movie that no one saw. It was 1998 and Louis made his directorial debut with a movie titled 'Tomorrow Night.' Despite being accepted to the Sundance Film Festival and boasting a cast that included Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Conan O'Brien, JB Smoove, Wanda Sykes and more, the film was never released and few people ever saw it. Until now!

Louis was on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' last night and mentioned that after all these years, he's finally going to release 'Tomorrow Night' himself on his own web site.

I have a movie that I made in '98, which is 15 years ago now, it's the first movie that I made. It's called 'Tomorrow Night' and it went to Sundance and all this stuff, but it never got released, ever. And I'm putting it out for $5 on my web site. It's a big, funny movie. And you can see it starting in February.

Louis told Leno that the film wouldn't have happened without the generous financial contributions by Jon Stewart, Denis Leary, Chris Rock and others who each lent the comedian $10,000 each to finish the film. He previously has talked about his submission to Sundance was made before e-mail and digital uploads, when he had to go to the library, look up the mailing address for Sundance and mail them a VHS copy he made of his movie.

Here's what 'Tomorrow Night' is all about:

Tomorrow Night chronicles the loneliness of photo-shop owner Charles, an acerbic, repressed man with an unquenchable “taste” for ice cream. His energetic and overly cheerful postman Mel convinces him that what he really needs is womanly companionship. On the other side of town is Florence, a lonely old woman with a mean, vociferous husband. When Florence isn’t being tortured by her husband, she pines away for Billy, her son in the army who hasn’t written in twenty years and who makes Gomer Pyle look like Einstein. To top it off, the only friend Florence has is Tina, a sweet yet crude and scruffy young man who dresses in old-lady drag. Tina convinces Florence that maybe she needs a little extracurricular spice in her life. Enter Charles, who gets off on the thought of a clean and orderly household, and you have a match made in heaven. From there, things get even weirder.

Things get even weirder is right. We've only seen the trailer (which you can view above) and to say that it's weird is an understatement. The official Sundance blurb on the film from 1998 even says of the film, "In your wildest dreams, you could not have imagined such bizarre characters together in one film."

You can watch Louis' appearance on Leno below, where he explains a little more about the film. For $5 it might be worth the purchase (and while you're at it, you should revisit 'Pootie Tang' - it's pretty hilarious).

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