Sony has been trying to find the right candidate to helm In the Deep, the upcoming film based on the acclaimed Black List script by Anthony Jaswinski about a young woman who faces off with a Great White shark while stranded in the ocean. The studio may have found their man in Louis Leterrier, the director of the Transporter films and Now You See Me — if it all works out, this might be a great change of pace for the director.

Deadline reports that Sony is in talks with Leterrier to direct In the Deep, described as Jaws meets 127 Hours with a little bit of a Gravity vibe. Those are all great film comparisons, and the premise sounds as though — if successfully executed — it could really attract the right kind of attention.

In the Deep follows a twentysomething woman who is mourning the recent death of her mother. After surfing solo out in the ocean, she finds herself stranded on a reef with only one thing standing (or swimming) between her and the shore: a Great White shark. The film appears to rest largely on the shoulders of one actress, and it’ll be interesting to see who lands the starring role — mostly because this sounds like a really great, attention-grabbing part.

Leterrier’s work has been action-oriented, from the Transporter movies to Now You See Me and Clash of the Titans. The director is also working on Grimsby, the Sacha Baron Cohen spy comedy co-starring Mark Strong and Penelope Cruz. In the Deep would be a very interesting choice for Leterrier should he take the opportunity.