It looks like New Line is looking to keep things in the family for their 'MacGyver' movie -- the studio is moving forward on the project with director James Wan, who helmed the studio's upcoming horror flick 'The Conjuring' and his previous psychological horror 'Insidious.'

Variety reports that New Line is in talks with director James Wan to helm their film update of 'MacGyver,' based on the popular '80s TV series, which starred Richard Dean Anderson as Angus MacGyver, a government agent who used his brains and random objects to fight criminals rather than weapons. 'MacGyver' also inspired the hit 'SNL' sketch and movie 'MacGruber,' starring Will Forte.

Wan recently directed 'The Conjuring,' his follow-up to 'Insidious,' for New Line, and the studio seems to be rather happy with his work -- happy enough to offer him 'MacGyver,' which seems like a silly present. Wan is also known for his work writing and directing the first 'Saw' film and the dummy-horror flick 'Dead Silence.'

No details are known about the 'MacGyver' script, which was written by Jason Richman and recently re-worked by Brian and Mark Gunn. James Wan showed off his penchant for intricate and suspenseful set-ups in 'Saw,' so the hiring of the director doesn't seem that far fetched.

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