The love for Mad Max: Fury Road runs deep, and fans have celebrated the recent sequel with fantastic cosplay and art since the movie arrived in theaters two years ago. However, one way wastelanders haven't been able to show their appreciation is with displaying action figures or collectibles of the Fury Road’s iconic characters in their homes. Until now, George Miller and Warner Bros. hadn’t opted to offer the licensing rights to anyone. Somehow though, Funko was able to work its magic and will be the first company to bring Furiosa, the Doof Warrior, and Max Rockatanksy to life as toys.

Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive reveal of the new Funko Pop, Mystery Mini and Rock Candy pieces coming later this year. Max, Immortan Joe, Doof Warrior and Furiosa will all get two different Pop figures each, with Nux, Capable and Valkyrie getting their own as well.

Furiosa is the only character to get a Rock Candy statue, but the Mystery Minis contain most of Pop roster with the addition of Rictus Erectus and a second version of Nux to fill out the collection.

All of the figures look fine in that Funko way, and it's certainly great to hear that Fury Road is finally getting tangible collectibles. However, there are dozens of other companies we wish could get in on the action to give us some more detailed and screen-accurate figures or statues. At least Funko's toys are budget friendly and easy to find.

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